Full-time undergraduate programs have been applied credit-based system since 1993. The program normally takes 4.5 years equivalent to 9 semesters. Students can complete the course flexibly depending on their competences. However, they have to finish the course in the maximum period of 13 semesters. The required total number of accumulated credits is 150, comprising 57 credits for general and foundational subjects, 60 credits for core subjects, and 33 credits for specialized electives, projects, internship and a thesis. Subject work load is measured by credits each of which corresponds to 1 lecture hour or 2 laboratory and tutorial hours per week. There are 14 weeks per semester. Students are also required to take part in two practicing periods: four-week workshop practice at the end of the 3rd year and eight-week internship at the end of the 4th year. To quality for the degree of Bachelor of Engineering, students have to complete a program of coursework and successfully defend a thesis equivalent to 10 credits.


Vietnamese-French Training Program of excellent Engineers (PFIEV)

In the wake of a commitment by French and Vietnamese government, PFIEV started in 1999 as a joint training program which aims to train high level engineers and managers for key economic areas in Vietnam. PFIEV sets up the intake target of 150 students, based on the scores of national entrance examination. After completing general subjects in the first two years, students have to take a national specialization examination organized at four university members. In addition to students of PFIEV, excellent students of regular full time programs can also compete in the examination to become PFIEV students


Advanced Engineering

As a part of the strategy for international integration of the Vietnamese university system, the Advanced Program is launched and carried out by applying the modern teaching methodology currently in use by American partner universities to improve the training quality of Vietnamese university. The Advanced Program in Electrical-Electronics Engineering belongs to an ambitious project initiated by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam aiming at building world- class engineering education at selected universities that include HCMUT. The students in this program are provided with modern scientific and technical knowledge, professional skills, as well as good command of computer techniques and English in their majors. Moreover, the program attaches special importance to helping them to develop analytical, synthesis capabilities and facilitating their integration into the highly competitive and fast changing working environments in the future. The program in Electrical-Electronics Engineering at HCMUT is based on the academic system (curriculum, syllabi and academic regulations) currently applied at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (ECE-UIUC)


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