Department Overview

The Telecommunication Department, originated from the current Electronics Department, was formed in 1986 in response to the arising requirement for telecommunication engineers. Dedicated in block B3, the newly formed division consisted of only 10 faculty members.

Since then, the department has been rapidly growing in both faculty quantity and academic quality. With its current faculty size of 36 members, 17 of which are assistant/associate professors, the department is among the largest departments in the university. Graduated and trained from prestigious universities in various countries in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, the faculties are fully capable of achieving the department's mission in both academic and research. 

The primary mission of the department is providing academic excellence in all of its educational programs. Its undergraduate program has traditionally attracted the best 20% of student in the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Its master program and PhD program are selective and cover both electronics and telecommunication engineering. It is also responsible for two cooperative education programs of the university, which are the "Programme de Formation d’Ingénieurs d’Excellence au Viet Nam" with Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Telecommunication-Bretagne, and the "Advanced Engineering" program with University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Following its goal of a research intensive centre, the department has obtained remarkable achievements in research and development. Most faculties have their works published in high-profile academic journals and are in close collaboration with world-class research laboratories and centres in Canada, United State, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Japan, Singapore and Australia. Strong ties to leading electronics and telecommunication companies have also been shown through research, testing and technology transfer.


Department Heads

NGUYEN Duc Phong, associate professor (1986 - 1994)

VU Dinh Thanh, associate professor (1994 - 1998)

LE Tien Thuong, associate professor (1998 - 2002)

PHAM Hong Lien, associate professor (2002 - 2007)

DO-HONG Tuan, PhD (2007 - 2012)

HUYNH Phu Minh Cuong, PhD (2012-present)